Welcome to the Lake County Library System located in Lake County, Florida. Your gateway to a world of information

Welcome to the Lake County Library System located in Lake County, Florida. Your gateway to a world of information

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Flash Fiction Writing Contest

The Flash Fiction Writing Contest is suspended until further notice due to COVID-19.

 Sponsored by Writers One Flight Up, W.T. Bland Public Library and the Mount Dora Library Association.

What is the Flash Fiction Writing Contest?

Flash fiction contains 999 words or less and may have a twist ending. It usually deals with one event or time period in a character's life - one pivotal moment and its outcome. Flash fiction is not just a simple character sketch or slice of life but rather zooms in on the emotional content of a scene or telling moment. Examples of flash fiction include 'The Custodian, by Brian Hinshaw and 'Worry,' by Ron Wallace.

Writing prompts:

1. Surviving COVID-19 in Mount Dora

2. The moment COVID-19 got real for your character

3. Learning how to survive the complexities of social distancing


Awards Ceremony

The Flash Fiction Writing Contest was judged by members of the Writers One Flight Up. The prizes awarded were: 

First place: $30

Second place: $20

Third place: $15 and honorable mention(s)


18+ Age Category

First place: Marcia Pease

Second place: Jacklyn Summers

Third place: Doug Quara


Under 18 Category

First place: Emma Spears


Contest Rules and Guidelines


  • Must be submitted by the creator of the work.
  • Must be original, unpublished works only.
  • Please indicate which age category you are in: Under 18 or 18+ and Older.
  • Must have a separate cover sheet which includes the story title, author’s name, mailing address, Lake County Library System library card number, phone number and email address.
  • Must include title and page numbers only on the story; do not include the author’s name or identifying information.
  • Must be electronic submissions only.
  • Must be in a Word document, typed in 12 point Times New Roman and double spaced.
  • Must have no illustrations or photos.

One submission per entrant shall be accepted. Entrants must have a Lake County Library System library card in good standing.

All entries must adhere to the Flash Fiction Writing Contest theme. Entries on other themes shall be disqualified.

Entries shall not be more than 999 words.

Failure to follow the contest guidelines will result in your work not being considered. Please read and re-read the directions carefully.

Submissions shall be emailed to: library@cityofmountdora.com